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Recommended readings for Thursday 5/1

Hi everyone. This coming Thursday I will be traveling at the CHI 2014 conference. Dr. Wayne Lutters will be talking in class about designing for trust in groups. He sent along the following recommended readings. We’ll consider these optional, and … Continue reading

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Reading for 4/24

Required: Kornowski, How the Blind are Reinventing the iPhone Sears and Hanson, Representing Users in Accessibility Research Optional: Wu et al., Participatory Design of an Orientation Aid for Amnesics

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Readings for 4/17

Required: Greenberg et al., Drawing Scenarios Optional: Review an HCI concept video: Starfire (Sun Microsystems, 1993) Knowledge Navigator (Apple, 1987)

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Reading for 4/10

Required: Participatory Design: The Third Space in HCI Optional: Cultural probes

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Slides from 3/27: Designing future technologies

Slides: 8-project-wrap-up.pptx We also talked about two interesting articles (which you can use as optional readings for next week): Bret Victor, “Ten Brighter Ideas” Mat Honan, “Welcome to Google Island”, Wired

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Reading for 4/3

Required: Beyer, Contextual Design, Chapter 3 Optional: Druin: Cooperative Inquiry: Developing new technologies for children with children

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Readings due 3/27

Required Bill Moggridge, “Futures and Alternative Nows”. Chapter 9 of Designing Interactions. Optional NITIN SAWHNEY and CHRIS SCHMANDT, (2000), Nomadic Radio: Speech & Audio Interaction for Contextual Messaging in Nomadic Environments. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. Mark Blythe and Peter Wright. (2006). Pastiche … Continue reading

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