Final assignments

Hi all. I was a little unclear about the upcoming deadlines for assignments, so here is a clarification.

For this Thursday (5/1):

  • Show your storyboard (drawn or video) to 2 potential stakeholders (or their representatives) and get feedback
  • Write down their comments and questions and post them on your blog
  • Post a draft version of your video storyboard (you may need to upload to Box, Dropbox, or Youtube)
  • Please post this by 5pm Friday so I can give some feedback over the weekend — I won’t have time to look before Friday, so it’s OK if you don’t get it uploaded until then.

For next week (5/8):

  • Post a revised, tweaked version of your video. If possible, it would be great if you could upload this to YouTube so we can make a playlist for the final class.
  • Write a paragraph or two (sorry Abbie) about the process of video storyboarding — what went well, what didn’t.
  • Write another paragraph or two about what next steps you would take for this project if you had more time — what features you might develop, or what testing you might want to do.
  • Post these on your blog — this deliverable (along with the video) will constitute the final written report.
  • I’m going to order pizza etc. for the class meeting on 5/8. Please let me know by Monday (5/5) if you have any dietary restrictions.

About Shaun Kane

Assistant Professor @UMBC: HCI, accessibility, mobile, coffee
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