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Final assignments

Hi all. I was a little unclear about the upcoming deadlines for assignments, so here is a clarification. For this Thursday (5/1): Show your storyboard (drawn or video) to 2 potential stakeholders (or their representatives) and get feedback Write down … Continue reading

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Recommended readings for Thursday 5/1

Hi everyone. This coming Thursday I will be traveling at the CHI 2014 conference. Dr. Wayne Lutters will be talking in class about designing for trust in groups. He sent along the following recommended readings. We’ll consider these optional, and … Continue reading

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Slides from 4/25

Designing for Diverse Users (pptx)

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Photos from class

Hi all – here are the photos from our class activity on storyboarding. I’ll give some extra credit to anyone who wants to turn this into a video storyboard to demonstrate an application of Google Glass in the classroom (you … Continue reading

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Slides from 4/17: Wizard of Oz and Visual Storytelling

lecture 11-woz prototyping Assignment (due in 2 weeks) Revise your storyboard Create a video version of your storyboard w/ photographs, voice narration Test with 2 future users and get feedback  

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Reading for 4/24

Required: Kornowski, How the Blind are Reinventing the iPhone Sears and Hanson, Representing Users in Accessibility Research Optional: Wu et al., Participatory Design of an Orientation Aid for Amnesics

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Slides from 4/10: Brainstorming and storyboarding

Slides: 10-brainstorming

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