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Mini-lecture slots

As mentioned in the syllabus, every student in 729 will present a brief (5-10 minute) presentation (with slides) on a topic of your choice in the general area of HCI. The purpose of this is to introduce the class to … Continue reading

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Think aloud assignment

Perform a think aloud with 3 people (4 if in a group) who represents someone from your user analysis Complete CI UARs for each problem that you encountered Fill out the top part for all users first Aggregate across all users … Continue reading

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2/20 Slides: think aloud protocol

Slides from 2/20: think aloud slides No readings due next week so that you can focus on your user tests.

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Usability testing reading (due 2/20)

Required Usability Testing Chapter 6 (focus on 6.1 – 6.6 and 6.8) Optional The Think Aloud Method (focus on Chapter 1 and 2) Think Aloud Sketches

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Assignment for 2/20: Heuristic evaluation

•Go through the 5 stages of HE for your website –If on a team, each go through HE individually, then combine later •Turn in 1 completed form for each incident •Come up with at least 8 UARs for each webpage … Continue reading

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Week 3 slides: heuristic evaluation

Since we didn’t meet yesterday, I added some content to the slides to help fill out the description of heuristic evaluation (HE). This plus the reading from last week should hopefully be enough detail to make your own attempt at … Continue reading

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Week 2 slides: User/task/environment analysis, personas

Slides for week 2: week 2 slides Assignments due: By 4:30 PM Friday, a 1-2 sentence description of your project on your blog For next week: response to readings on heuristic eval, plus user/task/environmental analysis and personas for your project (see … Continue reading

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