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Assignment for 4/3

We didn’t get to spend as much time as I would have liked today sketching out ideas for P2. However, take your best shot coming up with a solid idea for P2 (or several ideas). We will finalize them next … Continue reading

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Slides from 3/27: Designing future technologies

Slides: 8-project-wrap-up.pptx We also talked about two interesting articles (which you can use as optional readings for next week): Bret Victor, “Ten Brighter Ideas” Mat Honan, “Welcome to Google Island”, Wired

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Reading for 4/3

Required: Beyer, Contextual Design, Chapter 3 Optional: Druin: Cooperative Inquiry: Developing new technologies for children with children

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Slides from 3/13: Data analysis and P1 report

Slides on analyzing data: Data analysis Due in 2 weeks: p1-finalreport Example reports: One Two

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Readings due 3/27

Required Bill Moggridge, “Futures and Alternative Nows”. Chapter 9 of Designing Interactions. Optional NITIN SAWHNEY and CHRIS SCHMANDT, (2000), Nomadic Radio: Speech & Audio Interaction for Contextual Messaging in Nomadic Environments. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction. Mark Blythe and Peter Wright. (2006). Pastiche … Continue reading

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Assignment: test paper prototypes (due 3/13)

Perform a think aloud with 3 people who represents someone from your user analysis, and have them use the prototype you created.  Have your users perform the 5 tasks you created these paper prototypes for. Complete CI UARs based on … Continue reading

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Readings due 3/13

Note: these might not open in preview on the mac, try adobe reader instead. Required Controlled Experiments – Chapter 1 Cox and Cairns Optional Statistics in usability research – Chapter 6 Cox and Cairns Usability Testing: current and future – Sears and Jacko

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