Clarifications on the Paper Prototyping assignment

  • You should turn in one paper prototype for your site; you don’t need separate prototypes for each task.
  • Your prototype should support 5 tasks – these can be the tasks from your HTA, or can be based on problems that you discovered during the heuristic evaluation and think aloud.
  • How many screens should you design? You need to design enough of your interface to test the 5 tasks — note that this means that you should include all the screens needed
  • For ease of testing, make sure that your prototype screens are each on a single sheet of paper. Use plain paper (rather than lined) to make the prototypes easier to read. You should only have one prototype screen per sheet of paper, but you may make “reusable” elements like text boxes and pop-up windows on smaller sheets of paper, as in the video demonstrations we saw in class.
  • Please document your 5 tasks (and your 100-200 word summary) on your blog. You’ll bring your prototype on paper to class on Thursday, but will keep it for the next assignment (prototype testing).
  • If you have other questions, please let me know by email — I’m happy to look at your prototype before Thursday’s class and provide feedback, also.

About Shaun Kane

Assistant Professor @UMBC: HCI, accessibility, mobile, coffee
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