Mini-lecture slots

As mentioned in the syllabus, every student in 729 will present a brief (5-10 minute) presentation (with slides) on a topic of your choice in the general area of HCI. The purpose of this is to introduce the class to topics of interest that we don’t have time to cover, and to give you experience talking about HCI and design.

The topics that can be covered are fairly broad. Some examples we discussed in class include:

  • How class topics relate to your work, volunteering, hobbies
  • Design technique that we won’t cover in class
  • Analyzing a research paper’s design methods
  • HCI and design issues in different cultures (or subcultures)

However, you are welcome to pick a different topic, provided that you discuss this first with me. Here’s how this is going to work for this semester:

Step 1: Contact me with a topic idea. Some of you have already done this (thanks!). If you haven’t yet, you can send me an email with your ideas or we can talk during office hours.

Step 2: Pick a time slot. You can sign up for a presentation slot at this Doodle link. Note that we must agree on a topic before you sign up. Also, I need your topic idea at least 2 weeks before you present. For now I am listing 3 slots per class meeting, but we can adjust this if we need to.

Step 3: Send me your slides by midnight the day before you present. I’ll load them up on my laptop and we can present from there. Please use PowerPoint for your slides, as this makes everything much less complicated.

Let me know if you have any questions about this. I’m excited to hear about your interesting topics in class.


About Shaun Kane

Assistant Professor @UMBC: HCI, accessibility, mobile, coffee
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